David-Emil Wickström

David-Emil Wickström

David-Emil Wickström

Academic degree: Prof. Dr.
Place of employment: Popakademie Baden-Württemberg – University of Popular Music and Music Business
E-mail: research [the mail symbol] d-ew.info
Homepage: research.d-ew.info

Research interest:

  • Post-Soviet popular music
  • Norwegian traditional music
  • Transcultural flows
  • Music and migration, diaspora-theory
  • Music and identity
  • Popular music, society and politics
  • Post-colonial theory, questions of representation
  • Ethnomusicological methodology and questions of self-reflexivity

Academic education:

  • 03/2006-06/2009: PhD-fellow in musicology – Project topic: “Transformations in Russian popular music of the Post-Soviet era – Case study St. Petersburg”, University of Copenhagen
  • 10/2004-02/2006: Dissertation-fieldwork in St. Petersburg
  • 04/2004-03/2006: Doctoral student of musicology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • 08/2001-09/2003: Hovedfag in ethnomusicology, University of Bergen
  • 10/1999-07/2001: Grundstudium in musicology and Scandinavian studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Central Publications:

  • Wickström, David-Emil: “‘Okna otkroi!’ – ‘Open the Windows!’ Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in the St. Petersburg Popular Music Scene”, ibidem-Verlag (Stuttgart) 2011
  • Steinholt, Yngvar B.; Wickström, David-Emil (guest editors): “Popular Music and Society -Special Issue on Popular Music in the Post-Soviet Space: Trends, Movements, and Social Contexts”, 32:3 (2009)
  • Wickström, David-Emil: “‘Drive-ethno-dance’ and ‘Hutzul Punk’: Ukrainian-associated Popular Music and (Geo)politics in a Post-Soviet Context”, Yearbook for Traditional Music 40 (2008), p. 60-88
  • Wickström, David-Emil: “Signifyin’ Vigdal – Aspects of the Ragnar Vigdal Tradition and the Revival of Norwegian Vocal Folk Music”, Hovedfagsavhandling i etnomusikologi / Master’s thesis in ethnomusicology, Universitetet i Bergen, Bergen 2003
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