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CfP: Isolated and peripheral music scenes (deadline extended)

Isolated and peripheral music scenes edited collection: Call for proposals (deadline extended) Despite advancements in technology facilitating an ease with which geographical distance can be overcome, coupled with a shift away from a reliance on core creative centres for a range of creative and business services, peripheral and geographically isolated contemporary music scenes continue to face a range of challenges …Read more »

CfP: Communicating Music Scenes: Networks, Power, Technology

Deadline for abstracts (250 words) with short bio (50 words): 31 January 2017 Conference in Budapest, 19-20 May 2017 The conference aims to address the relation(ship)s and communication between people, formal and informal institutions, and technologies in the context of music making. Understanding and exploring music scenes as networks can help us to uncover the power relations that affect those scenes, while also leading to a …Read more »

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