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CfP – Riffs Journal

Call for Proposals The editorial team of Riffs: Experimental Writing on Popular Music invite 300 word / one page of A4 (visual) proposals for the next 2018 volume from PhD, MA, and outstanding undergraduate students, based on the following prompt: “There is nothing wrong with hating rock critics” – Of Montreal, 2003 Your response should consider in some way journalistic and academic forms …Read more »

CfP: Journal of Popular Music and Education

Special issue on Hip-hop Deadline: 01. Juni 2017 Hip-hop is a highly marketized, global cultural phenomenon, also experienced and created in local, regional underground scenes. It is individual, tribal, subcultural, marginal and mainstream. Hip-hip is cliché and iconoclast, rebellion and conformity. It is characterized by aspirations to individual wealth, as well as embodying and embracing movements for democracy and emancipation. …Read more »

CfP: African Music Journal 2017

Deadline: March 31, 2017 Dear All,   With the retirement of Prof Diane Thram, who edited AFRICAN MUSIC throughout her tenure as ILAM’s Director for the past 10  years and my   appointment as her successor, I have assumed the editorship of AFRICAN  MUSIC with the 2017 issue. It is my pleasure to announce that  submissions for V10, n3 – 2017 of ILAM’s peer reviewed, …Read more »

DANCECULT Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

DANCECULT Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture +++++++++++++++ ISSUE 8(1) http://dj.dancecult.net

CfA: Performing Exotica (Norient Academic Online Journal)

Euro-American popular music (as well as Western Art Music) has throughout its history been shaped by various musical forms, styles and collaborations – in effect being a precursor to the term “hybridity” applied primarily to collaboration between Euro-American musicians and musicians from other cultures and since the late 1980s often marketed as „world music“ or „world beat“. When drawing on …Read more »

CfA: Music and World War I – 100 Years Later (Journal of Musicological Research)

Journal of Musicological Research „Music and World War I: 100 Years Later“ The Journal of Musicological Research, a quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by Routledge, is seeking submissions for a special issue on „Music and World War I: 100 Years Later“ to appear in late 2013 or early 2014. Submissions may represent a variety of areas of inquiry that deal with …Read more »

CfA: Latin American Hip-Hop (alter/nativas)

alter/nativas: Latin American Cultural Studies Journal Latin American Hip-Hop Contributors are needed for a special edition on Latin American hip-hop for the online journal, alter/nativas: Latin American Cultural Studies Journal (alternativas.osu.edu/en/index.html), associated with the Center for Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University. From a cultural and musical practice that originated among African American and Hispanic youth in the …Read more »

CfA: El Oído Pensante

El Oído Pensante ISSN 2250-7116 El Oído Pensante invites the submission of articles for the second number (Vol. 1, 2013) (ISSN 2250-7116). The aim of this biannual peer-reviewed online journal of free access is to promote debate on theoretical, methodological and epistemological dilemmas faced by different kind of music research. Since the intention of the journal is to promote critical …Read more »

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