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CfA: Pop Life – The Popular Music Biopic (IASPM Journal)

IASPM Journal 7/2 (2017): “Pop Life – The Popular Music Biopic” Website: www.iaspmjournal.net/index.php/IASPM_Journal/article/view/797/864 Deadline: 6 October 2016 Popular music biopics are becoming ubiquitous. Marshall and Kongsgaard (2012) list 28 for the years 1980-2010 and recent years have seen films on NWA, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Brian Wilson, Bessie Smith and Whitney Houston. Increasingly common also are films about managers, record …Read more »

CfP: Practice-Led and Practice-Based Popular Music Studies (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal 7/1 (2017): “Practice-Led and Practice-Based Popular Music Studies” Deadline: 15 September 2016 Website: www.iaspmjournal.net/index.php/IASPM_Journal/article/view/795/856 Popular music studies is routinely presented in the form of visual media, as writing and notation, despite music being fundamentally aural and oral. Art music, by contrast, presents new musical creations as research, using sound to explore new research ideas. However, few opportunities arise for …Read more »

CfA: Perspectives on Popular Music and Sound Recording (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal 6/2 (2016) “Perspectives on Popular Music and Sound Recording” Deadline: 11th of December 2015 Special Issue Editors: Dr. Samantha Bennett (Australian National University, Australia) Dr. Eve Klein (University of Queensland, Australia) Call for articles, to be published in 2016, highlighting a range of philosophies, mythologies, ideologies, and discourses that address the study of popular music in relation to sound …Read more »

CfA: New Directions in Music Fan Studies (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal 5/1 (2016): “New Directions in Music Fan Studies” Deadline: 27 February 2016 Special Issue Editors: Dr. Koos Zwaan (Inholland University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands) Dr. Mark Duffett (University of Chester, UK; author of Understanding Fandom) Call for articles, to be published in 2016, addressing changes in popular music fandom and the new approaches to methodologies that the study …Read more »

Campinas 2015: Anflug auf São Paulo – Smog im Sonnenuntergang

Gestern Abend landen wir nach elf Stunden Flug in São Paulo. Ab Amsterdam in Begleitung von Prof. Hillegonda Rietveld (IASPM Ireland/UK),  Editorin des IASPM@Journal. Die 21,1 Millionen-Metropole präsentiert sich romantisch im Abendlicht. Das Häusermeer verliert sich im rosa Smog. Morgen weiter nach Campinas. *st

CfP: Open Call (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal: “Open Call” In addition to special issue sections, IASPM@Journal maintains space for the publication of scholarly and research work by IASPM members. We are currently compiling an issue to be published later in 2015 that will consist of papers that are submitted as part of our open CFP. So, in case you may be considering submitting a paper, this …Read more »

CfA: „Popular Music Education“ (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal: „Popular Music Education“ Deadline: 1 March, 2014 Special Issue Editors: Dr. Rupert Till (IJ Editorial Board; Popular Music Studies Research Group, University of Huddersfield) Prof. Lucy Green (IASPM UK & Ireland; Institute of Education, University of London) Dr. Don Lebler (IASPM ANZ; Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University) Popular music education is a subject that is at present under-explored, despite increasing …Read more »

CfA: „From Death to Democracy“ (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal: „From Death to Democracy: Music and the Politics of Memory in a Transnational Perspective“ Special Issue Editors: Barbara Lebrun (IASPM-bfE, University of Manchester) & Catherine Strong (IASPM-ANZ, Monash University, Melbourne) Abstractdeadline: 28 February 2014 IASPM@Journal is planning a special issue for publication in 2015, focusing on popular musicians hailing from countries with dictatorial or military regimes, whose deaths coincided …Read more »

CfR: Rezensionen deutschprachige Neuveröffentlichungen (IASPM@journal)

Das IASPM@journal sucht Rezensenten und Rezensionen deutschprachiger Neuveröffentlichungen zur Popmusikforschung. Vorschläge bitte an Martin Pfleiderer (martin.pfleiderer@hfm-weimar.de), der bei der Beschaffung von Rezensionsexemplaren behilflich ist, oder direkt an die Book Review Editorin des IASPM@journal, Penny Spirou (pspirou@gmail.com). Zu den Autoren-Richtlinien vgl. www.iaspmjournal.net. Die englischsprachigen Reviews werden vor der Veröffentlichung von einem native speaker redigiert.

CfA: Special Issue on Music Journalism (IASPM@Journal)

IASPM@Journal Special Issue on Music Journalism Deadline: 25th of January, 2013 Music journalism forms part of ongoing debate amongst IASPM members, in terms of music criticism, industry interests and identity politics. IASPM@Journal, the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, wishes to provide a platform for these debates with a special issue on popular music journalism …Read more »

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