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CfP: ‘Against the elites’: The cultural politics of anti-elitism in the current conjuncture, 26/27.10.2018, Göttingen

The current moment, with all the instability and openness characteristic of an interregnum, displays certain themes and contradictions repeatedly and frequently. These themes can be taken as entry points for an transdisciplinary analysis that seeks to disentangle the current conjuncture and its contradictions. One such theme is anti-elitism.   Having long been identified as a hallmark of political populism, anti-elitism …Read more »

CfP: Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Musicological Society: ‘Into the Unknown’, 30 November to 2 December, 2018

University of Canterbury School of Music, UC Arts at the Arts Centre, 3 Hereford Street, Christchurch. Deadline for proposals is 1 August 2018 A journey into the unknown is often a key component of the musicologist’s research process. It may involve the discovery and analysis of unexplored repertoire, probing of music’s role in distant cultures, or experimentation with new pedagogical techniques. It …Read more »

CfP: The Present and Future of Electronic Music, University of Central Lancashire, 14 November 2018

Electronic music was once seen as the future of music. Is this still the case? Is the very term ‘electronic music’ useful in industrial and academic context? And if so, what differentiates today’s electronic music from non-electronic music and are these differences between these two types of musics likely to remain in future? The Present and Future of Electronic Music …Read more »

14th International Meeting of Music and Media: „Measures, Steps, Spaces: the places of music“ Sao Paulo, 10-12 September, 2018

“The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me…” The instigating quotation from Pascal’s Thoughts refers to the new order of the universe in the seventeenth century as geocentrism is abandoned to adopt heliocentrism. The thought dividing the world into two parts: „from the heavens“ (upper) and „from the earth“ (lower, corruptible) was broken. The beliefs instituted by the Church …Read more »

CfP: Biennial IASPM Conference „Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music Studies“, 24-28 June 2019, Canberra

Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music StudiesXX Biennial IASPM ConferenceSchool of Music, The Australian National UniversityCanberra, Australia, 24–28 June 2019Call for PresentationsAs certain songsters and songstresses have noted, seasons turn, turn, turn, even if you are talking about a revolution. While global warming alters seasonal cycles with the aid of neoliberal and (pseudo)socialist forms of capitalism, and waves of societal turmoil follow each other with varying degrees of authoritarianism in …Read more »

CfP: The Popularity of Words and Music, Düsseldorf, November 22-24, 2018

Conference on the Popularity of Words and Music: November 22-24, 2018 The Popularity of Words and Music 22-24 November 2018 Haus der Universität at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany The Forum of the International Association for Word and Music Studies (WMAF) will explore the ‘popular’ in words and music for its 5th Biennial Conference. Popularity and the ‘popular’ are phenomena of vast societal, political, and …Read more »

CfP Reminder:“Playing Along”: Music, Participation, and Everyday Life, Hamilton (NZ), 3-5 December

“Playing Along”: Music, Participation, and Everyday Life IASPM-ANZ 2018 Conference December 3-5, 2018 Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand DUE: 1 June 2018 Music exists in all aspects of our lives. It provides us with company; it is a part of rituals and celebrations; it creates dialogues with visual images through films and games; indeed, other media turn …Read more »

The U2 Conference, Belfast, 13-15 June

The U2 Conference 2018 will meet from 13-15 June, 2018, in Belfast at Queen’s University in partnerships with The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, Queen’s, the National Museums of Northern Ireland, and Fitzroy Presbyterian Church. Sessions are designed to appeal to academic and general audiences on the theme U2: POPVision. As the conference theme, …Read more »

CfP: Things Have Changed: Twenty-First-Century Dylan, December 6th, Arras

Things Have Changed: Twenty-First-Century Dylan International Conference at Artois University, Arras, France Thursday 6th-Friday 7th December 2018 Guest of Honour: Professor Sir Christopher Ricks Ever since the early 1960s, Bob Dylan has never ceased to evolve. Hiscreativity remains as powerful as ever in the twenty-first century. Hencethe international symposium “Things have changed: Twenty-First-CenturyDylan” will focus primarily on contemporary Dylan. A …Read more »

CfP: “Twisting my memory, man” – music, memory and memoir, 13th of July, York St. John University

“Twisting my memory, man” – music, memory and memoir 13th & 14th July 2018 – York St John University Campus We are hosting an innovative two day event examining the ways that popular music is remembered and memorialised both as sonic experience and as cultural activity. Our event combines academic analysis and critical discussion with creative endeavour, performance and informal …Read more »

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