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CfA: The Arena Concert: Music, Mediation and Mass Entertainment

Call for chapter proposals: The Arena Concert: Music, Mediation and Mass Entertainment Editors: Dr Robert Edgar, Dr Kirsty Fairclough-Isaacs, Dr Benjamin Halligan, Dr Sunil Manghani Deadline: 23 July 2013 The idea of live popular music as mass entertainment is one that presents an arresting series of challenges and remains mostly unexplored in contemporary academic writing. And yet, it would seem, …Read more »

CfA: Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter (Cambridge University Press)

Call for proposals: Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter (Cambridge University Press) Editors: Dr. Justin A. Williams (University of Bristol), Dr. Katherine A. Williams (Leeds College of Music) Deadline: September 1st, 2013 The singer-songwriter has been a source of creativity and emotion for centuries: from troubadours in the Middle Ages, to John Dowland’s songs of the Renaissance, nineteenth century Lieder, blues …Read more »

CfA: This is the Sound of Irony (Ashgate)

Edited collection of essays – Katherine L. Turner (editor): „This is the Sound of Irony: Music, Politics and Popular Culture“ Ashgate’s Popular and Folk Music Series Deadline: June 28th, 2013 The Oxford English Dictionary defines irony as „a figure of speech in which the intended meaning is the opposite of that expressed by the words used.“ Music challenges this construction …Read more »

CfA: Sounds of the Future (Act Zeitschrift für Musik & Performance)

Act. Zeitschrift für Musik & Performance: Sounds of the Future: Musical and Sonic Anticipation in American Culture Deadline: August 30, 2013 For more information: HTML: PDF-file: Potential contributors are asked to submit abstracts of no more than 500 words and a brief CV before August 30, 2013. Those selected for inclusion will be invited to submit full articles …Read more »

CfP: Pussy Riot as litmus paper (Religion and Gender)

Religion and Gender Special issue: „Pussy Riot as litmus paper: political protest and religious culture“ Deadline for paper proposals: 1 July 2013 This special issue of Religion and Gender (to be published in 2014) will look at the interferences of gender, politics, art, and religion in the Pussy Riot Case. The „punk-prayer“ performance of the group Pussy Riot in the …Read more »

CfA: „Sound, Environment, and Action“ (Music & Politics)

Music & Politics Special Issue: „Sound, Environment, and Action“ Deadline for initial manuscripts: November 1, 2013 The Spring 2014 issue of Music & Politics (7/2) will be dedicated to exploring the intersections of music, culture, and the environment as it pertains to politically charged topics. This issue aims to build knowledge around the „politics“ of musical works, communities, and practices …Read more »

CfA: Production Technologies and Studio Practice in EDMC (dancecult)

Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture: „Production Technologies and Studio Practice in EDMC“ Guest Editors: Simon Zagorski-Thomas and Ed Montano Deadline: 1 July 2013 This special edition of Dancecult seeks to address the paucity of academic literature on production practices and technologies in electronic dance music (EDM). While the scenes, audiences and cultures of EDM have received thorough analysis …Read more »

CfP: The State of the Music Industry (Civilisations)

Civilisations: The State of the Music Industry Deadline: 15.09.2013 The next issue of the journal Civilisations, published by the Department of Languages and Civilisations, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, will be dedicated to the music industry. It is a familiar story that the music industry is in a state of turmoil. This issue will look at past, current and future …Read more »

CfA: Religion, Film, Methodology (Religions)

Scholarly journal „Religions“ (ISSN 2077-1444) Special Issue: Religion, Film, Methodology Guest Editor: Dr. Christopher Hartney Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2013 Our ever-deepening experiences with film and the affect of cinema in the digital age are changing the scope of how we read film religiously. This increasingly powerful engagement between representation and religion is the inspiration behind this special …Read more »

CfP: Popular Music of Asia: Cultural Perspectives (Journal of Creative Communication)

Journal of Creative Communication Special Issue on „Popular Music of Asia: Cultural Perspectives“ Deadline: 15th May, 2013. The Journal of Creative Communication, a refereed journal from Sage Publications, New Delhi, and Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), proposes to bring out a Special Issue on „Popular Music of Asia: Cultural Perspectives“. The domain of Musicology has been traditionally restricted to …Read more »

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