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CfP: Midwestern Music Cognition Symposium (Ohio State University)

Midwestern Music Cognition Symposium May 24-26th, 2013 – School of Music and the Center for Cognitive Science, Ohio State University Deadline for abstract submission: February 22nd, 2013 The School of Music and the Center for Cognitive Science at Ohio State University will be hosting a music cognition symposium, aimed at providing an outlet for both established and young scholars in …Read more »

CfA: Beyond “No Future”: A German Punk Reader

Beyond “No Future”: A German Punk Reader Editors: Mirko Hall, Seth Howes, and Cyrus Shahan Deadline for Submissions: February 1st, 2013 Punk rock has had quite a decade. Exhibition catalogues, photographic retrospectives, CD box sets, and sold-out reunion tours attest to the central role punk continues to play in stories we tell about the ’70s and ’80s, about their politics, …Read more »

CfA: Special Issue on Music, Fashion and Style (Fashion, Style & Popular Culture)

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture Special Issue on Music, Fashion and Style Editor: Jessica Strubel (University of North Texas) Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2014 This issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture will take an in-depth look at the interface of popular music and style in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The sartorial element of music subcultures is basic …Read more »

CfP: Researching Music Censorship (University of Copenhagen)

Researching Music Censorship June 6th to 8th, 2013 – University of Copenhagen Deadline: February 6th 2013. Confirmed speakers: Martin Cloonan, University of Glasgow, Deborah Kapchan, New York University, Martin Stokes, King’s College, London, & Ursula Hemetek, University of Vienna. Music censorship is a relatively new area of research and as a scholarly field of study it is a disputed issue. …Read more »

CfP: Typisch Deutsch — (Eigen)Sichten auf populäre Musik in diesem unseren Land (ASPM)

24. Arbeitstagung des Arbeitskreis Studium Populärer Musik e.V. Typisch Deutsch — (Eigen)Sichten auf populäre Musik in diesem unseren Land 
22.–24. November 2013 – Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikpädagogik, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen Deadline: 15. März 2013 Wie viel Bier ist, in Abwandlung einer Sentenz Friedrich Nietzsches, in der typisch deutschen Musik? Und ist das typisch Deutsche in oder an der Musik? Und …Read more »

CfP: Sounding Bodies (University of Toronto Graduate Music Conference 2013)

University of Toronto Graduate Music Conference 2013 „Sounding Bodies“ March 15-6, 2013 – University of Toronto Deadline: January 15, 2013 Keynote speaker: Dr. Tomie Hahn Though our musicking (or paper-writing) bodies may appear to be merely a conduit between an idea and its realization, they also delimit fields of possibilities in our various musicking and sounding endeavors. In recent years …Read more »

CfP: Titles, Teasers and Trailers (University of Edinburgh)

Centre for Film, Performance and Media Arts „Titles, Teasers and Trailers“ 22nd – 23rd April, 2013 – University of Edinburgh Like the dust-jacket of a novel, teasers, trailers and titles are paratexts – supplements which, as Gerard Genette puts it, „make present“ a corresponding and antecedent text. Their ephemeral nature means that many see promotional texts as something to be …Read more »

CfP: Religion and Blasphemy in Popular Music (French Association for American Studies Conference)

French Association for American Studies Conference – General Topic : Religion and Spirituality Popular Music Panel Topic: „Religion and Blasphemy in Popular Music“ May 23rd-25th, 2013 – Angers, France Though American popular music is more celebrated for its iconoclastic tendencies than its spiritual leanings, it welcomes the profane as much as the religious, the mundane as much as the transcendental, …Read more »

CfP: The small economies of the ’new‘ music industry

Severn Pop Network inaugural conference „The small economies of the ‘new’ music industry“ 25th March 2013 – University of Bristol The music industry is in a well-publicised state of upheaval. The emergence of digital reproductive technologies (such as CD burners and MP3s), of digital distribution and consumption technologies (such as the iPod, iTunes and Spotify), and of new social media …Read more »

CfP: Functional Sounds (ESSA)

First International ESSA Conference „Functional Sounds“ 04.10 – 06.10.2013 – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin The Sound Studies Lab at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in cooperation with the international research network Sound in Media Culture concludes its first two years of research with an international conference in Berlin. This will also serve as the first international ESSA conference. The conference will focus …Read more »

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