CfP – MUSICultures

MUSICultures is the scholarly journal of The Canadian Society for Traditional Music / La Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales. It is a refereed journal that is published twice a year under the auspices of the Society.

The Journal publishes original articles in English and French on a wide range of topics in ethnomusicology, traditional music research, and popular music studies. The Journal welcomes articles on music in Canadian contexts as well as music in global and transnational contexts. The Journal also publishes reviews of books, and sound and visual recordings. Please contact the Editor about submitting reviews.
Authors who wish to have an article considered for publication should send an electronic copy to Heather Sparling, Editor.

The Review Editors are Marie-Christine Parent (French), Glenn Patterson (English: ethnomusicology/traditional music) and Eric Smialek (English: popular music). Although unsolicited reviews are not accepted, suggestions for items to review (including books, films, and websites) are. For guidelines on how to write an academic review, please consult Wendy Belcher’s Writing the Academic Book Review.

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