Publication: VOLUME! The French Journal of Popular Music Studies New „varia“ issue (14-1)

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VOLUME! The French Journal of Popular Music Studies

New „varia“ issue (14-1)

PresentationIn this new Varia issue of Volume !, 35 authors tackle an eclectic set of subjects such as the creation of a far-right music label by National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, rap studies in Africa, the life of a Communist activist and rock fan, sampling in Palestinian rap (in Lebanon), David Bowie semiotics, pop music’s existential questions in Switzerland, Portuguese punks‘ career paths and Mano Negra’s linguistic play.


– Alice ATERIANUS, Rap Studies in Africa. Analytical review of scientific literature on African rap since the years 2000 (in French)

– Alice DEGORCE, From Rap to Evangelization. Transnational Speech and Life Course of a Bishop in Ouagadougou (in French)

– Nicolas PUIG, Composing with: Sampling and Sound References in the Work of a Palestinian Artist in Lebanon (in French)

– Loïc RIOM, « We’re Very Local, but We Have International Standards » : Indie Rock’s Dissemination and Appropriation by Six Swiss Bands (in French)

– Mark DUFFETT & Paula HEARSUM, Alas, Poor Richard: Fandom, Personal Identity and Ben Myer’s Novelization of Richey Edwards’ Life Story

– Jonathan THOMAS, Jean-Marie Le Pen and The SERP : When Discs Serve Political Practices (in French)

– Paula ABREU, Augusto SANTOS SILVA, Paula GUERRA, Ana OLIVEIRA & Tânia MOREIRA, The social place of Portuguese punk scene: an itinerary of the social profiles of its protagonists

Research notes

– André ROTTGERI, French Punk Rock and Multilingualism: The Case of Mano Negra (in French)

– Chloé MONIN & Frédéric AUBRUN, Bowie : a Semiological Perspective on a Postmodern Iconographic Work (in French)


– Edgard GARCIA, Rock Fan and Communist Militant. An Interview with Edgard Garcia (by Gérôme GUIBERT, Jedediah SKLOWER & Michaël SPANU)

– Jonathan STERNE, From Charivaris to Big Data. Popular Music through the Lens of Sound Studies. An Interview with Jonathan Sterne (by Jedediah SKLOWER & Guillaume HEUGUET)

But also many book and conference reviews…

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Volume! The French journal of popular music studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of popular music. It proposes a multidisciplinary space for popular music research, bridging the methodological and theoretical contributions of the French academic world (musicology, ethnomusicology, sociology of culture, cultural history, etc.) and those of cultural and popular music studies. It was created in 2002 by the Éditions Mélanie Seteun, a publishing association specialized in popular music. The journal is in French with some non-translated articles in English (cf. Volume in English).
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