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Call for Submissions: Sounding the Break: Music Studies and the Political
A Special Issue of Current Musicology, due February 15, 2018


Embracing the current moment of institutional and intellectual self-reflexivity in music studies, Current Musicology invites submissions for a special issue, Sounding the Break: Music Studies and the Political. With this issue, the editorial board endeavors to inspire an interdisciplinary critical examination of formations of the political embedded within musical thinking in the academy. We especially encourage discussions that interrogate the patterns of power, structures of inequality, and logics of inclusion, exclusion, and division that have long underwritten musical knowledge production and pedagogy.

The following are examples of some possible avenues to explore:

  • What it might mean to “decolonize” music research and pedagogy in the academy;
  • Ideologies and practices of inclusion and exclusion in musical thinking and teaching, especially in relation to the marginalization of discourses, subjects, and subjectivities;
  • White supremacy and discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, indigeneity, religion, ability, and other categories of difference;
  • The place of Western art music, masterworks, and the logics, political investments, and material effects of canons and canonization;
  • Examining the very notions of music and sound;
  • Imagining alternative disciplinary histories, modes of operating, and intellectual lineages outside Euro-American contexts;
  • Reexaminations of academic curricula and pedagogical methods;
  • The role of social engagement in academia;
  • Political economy, the crisis in the humanities, and US academia after Trump.

This call is open to all disciplines and all perspectives, both inside and outside North America and Europe. We especially encourage submissions from perspectives underrepresented in academia.

For submission guidelines, please visit http://currentmusicology manuscript. For questions, please contact the editor at current-musicology -at-
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