Publication: IASPM Journal Vol 7, No 1 (2017), Pop Life: The Popular Music Biopic

Vol 7, No 1 (2017) Pop Life: The Popular Music Biopic am pleased to announce that a new of IASPM Journal is now available! Examining biopics of popular music artists, this special issue raises questions regarding the genealogy of the genre, authenticity, remediation, identity, authorship and stardom. Jonathan Stewart, Benjamin Halligan and Liam Maloy address verisimilitude in the production processes of Joy Division biopic Control (2007), and Telstar: The Joe Meek Story (2008); Maurizio Corbella focuses on the remediation of historic live performances in The Buddy Holly Story (1978), Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line (2005) and James Brown biopic Get On Up (2014); Ewa Mazierska shows how 1980s Polish filmmakers and the band Maanam reinterpreted the music biopic genre; Bridget Sutherland and Paul Judge interpret iconic films about American music icons Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison in the light of the Anthropocene; and Marcus O’Dair considers how in I’m Not There (2007) Todd Haynes presents Bob Dylan as a brand that author-izes the film rather than as a unified subject. The review section offers not only book reviews but also a conference review in honor of Peter Wicke.

Thank you to Matthew Bannister for guesting, to Sarah E Raine for putting together the review section, to William Echard, D. Ferrett, Mary Fogarty, tobias C v Veen, Koos Zwaan for editing, and to Raquel Campos for making it a good looking issue.

Hereby I bid my farewell as Editor of IASPM Journal, after six years and ten issues. Thank you all for your contributions, co-editorship, collegiality, and readership.

Enjoy! And spread the word 🙂

Hillegonda C Rietveld



Hillegonda C Rietveld
Matthew Bannister

Articles – Special Issue

Jon Stewart, Liam Maloy, Benjamin Halligan
Maurizio Corbella
Ewa Mazierska
Bridget Alexandra Sutherland, Paul Judge
Marcus O’Dair


Matthew Michael Sumera
Philipp Schmerheim
David Kane
Sam Cleeve
tobias c. van Veen
Katerina Tzedaki
Jan Peter Herbst
Eduardo Viñuela
Bianca Ludewig, José Gálvez
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