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We’re delighted to introduce Bloomsbury Popular Music. This comprehensive scholarly library on global popular music brings together leading reference, the acclaimed 33 1/3 series, peer-reviewed monographs and a variety of interactive features, all in one cross-searchable, fully-indexed platform. It is the ideal choice to enhance research, teaching and learning in the fields of music, sociology, anthropology and more.

About Bloomsbury Popular Music

 This unparalleled resource offers a new way to access and explore landmark reference works such as 14 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, featuring top international contributors.

 This authoritative reference work is complemented by all 120+ volumes of the critically acclaimed 33 1/3 book series, providing in-depth analysis of influential albums acrossdiverse musical eras, by artists ranging from Belle & Sebastian to Black Sabbath. Users will also benefit from an expanding range of cutting-edge scholarly books from Bloomsbury’s Popular Music Studies list, comprising edited volumes, biographies and historical overviews.

When they need to get the lowdown on music or artists from a particular country, users can turn to the site’s handy World Map feature which will guide them to books and articles covering the region that is of interest to them or their research.

An exciting feature that users won’t want to miss is the interactive timeline. This richly illustrated tool places artists and albums within their time, giving a fully-linked overview of relevant events in musical and political history to enhance contextual understanding.

The combination of these authoritative, practical resources will empower researchers, academics and students to discover more and make links between important artists, albums, genres and places – with numerous paths to navigate the site seamlessly.

Coming soon to Bloomsbury Popular Music

Titles in the new 33 1/3 Global book series, with initial volumes focusing on Japanese and Brazilian music, and volumes on the popular music of Australia/Oceania, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond, to follow. 

Praise for the major reference works in Bloomsbury Popular Music

Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World

John Shepherd, David Horn, Dave Laing, Paul Oliver, Peter Wicke

““This is an extraordinary achievement and (…) an absolutely vital and trusted resource for everyone working in the field of popular music studies. Even more broadly, anyone interested in popular music or popular culture more generally will enjoy – and find many uses for – the wealth of information and insight captured in this volume.“” – Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interested in finding out more?

Bloomsbury Popular Music is available now for 30-day free trials, and can be purchased on a subscription basis. If you would like to know more or have any questions about the product please contact Katie.Dean(at)

Company information

Bloomsbury Digital Resources division is focused on providing essential and cutting-edge scholarly content across the Humanities, Social Sciences and Visual Arts in a dynamic online format.

Whether it be primary documents, critical texts, historical archives or the latest in video and audio resources, we are committed to enhancing research, teaching, and learning with innovative digital products.


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