Publication: issue 4.1 (2017) of the Journal of World Popular Music

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We are pleased to announce the publication of issue 4.1 (2017) of the Journal of World Popular Music, which can be found by following this link:

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Simone, Sarah and Raphaël (editorial team)


 Table of Contents


Editor’s Introduction

Simone Krüger Bridge , Sarah Baker , Raphaël Nowak

Music Industries

Valuing Tradition: Mali’s Jeliw, European Publishers and Copyright

Caspar Melville

Book Review: Steve Collins and Sherman Young. 2014. Beyond 2.0: The Future of Music. Sheffield: Equinox. 162pp. ISBN 978-1-84553-9-382 (pbk)

Paul Fischer

Book Review: Shane Homan, Martin Cloonan and Jen Cattermole. 2016. Popular Music Industries and the State: Policy Notes. New York and London: Routledge. 249pp. ISBN 978-0-41582-4-514 (hbk)

Tom Sykes

Book Review: Andy Bennett and Steve Waksman, eds. 2015. The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music. London: SAGE. 664pp. ISBN 978-1-44621-0-857 (hbk)

Lauren Istvandity

Heavy Metal

“A Highland Thing”: Heavy Metal and the Construction of Cultural Difference in Madagascar

Markus Verne

Book Review: Joshua John Green. 2013. Music-making in the Faroes: The Experience of Musicmaking in the Faroes and Making Metal Faroese. Vestmanna: Sprotin. 322pp. ISBN 978-9-99187-6-559 (pbk)

Nick Prior  78-81

Book Review: Pierre Hecker. 2012. Turkish Metal: Music, Meaning, and Morality in a Muslim Society. Farnham: Ashgate. 240pp. ISBN 978-1-40943-8-489 (hbk)

Stefano Barone  82-87

Heritage and History

“I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent”: 1950s Rock’n’roll, Youth under Threat, and Good Citizenship in US Exploitation Cinema 1956–59

David Baker , Lauren Istvandity  88-105

Book Review: Sara Cohen, Robert Knifton, Marion Leonard and Les Roberts, eds. 2015. Sites of Popular Music Heritage: Memories, Histories, Places. New York and London: Routledge. 267pp. ISBN 978-0-41582-4-507 (hbk)

Antti-Ville Kärjä  106-109

Website Review: Afropop Worldwide: Electric Jive:

Jez Collins  110-115

Museum Review: Rock Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Emília Barna  116-121

Interview with Antti-Ville Kärjä from Music Archive Finland

Raphaël Nowak  122

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