Festival: Sonification – Audible Data Streams

Open call for performances, compositions in the context of Sonification (extendet)

For the Festival “Sonification – Audible Data Streams”  27 – 29th  October 2017 by the Berlin Society of New Music. 

Selected works will be premiered at the festival in Berlin (Villa Elizabeth).    

•   For percussion/objects, with or without live electronics. 
•   Live electronic equipment with maximum of 8 loudspeakers.
•   For the implementation of the concept, in terms of the sonification of data, an early support is offered through the Kairos Quartet.
•   No age limitations
•   Duration: cross-genre formats between concert and installation allowed (max. 30 min).
•   A total of 3.600,– € is available for the selected pieces, for selected pieces/concepts as follows:
A)             Preexisting and premiered pieces will be supported with a subsidy for composer’s travel and hotel costs.
B)             In addition, available scores which are left to be premiered are supported with a smaller amount.
C)             Commissioned works, based on selected concepts, will be rewarded with a larger amount, depending on effort involved.  
Required Documents
•   Not only scores, but also concepts may be submitted. Concepts should be informative with regard to how the data will be handled and sonified, as well as the technical realization. handling of the data to be sonicated and the technical realization. They can include a patch in MAX / MSP, PD or Supercollider, for example, to provide sonification in real-time with visualizations for musicians or a computer-generated playback. They may not exceed a reasonable technical effort for realization.
•   In the case of scores which are not yet available, further work plans should be provided, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the process and expected result
•   Scores and concepts must be based in a recognizable way on the interpretation of data sets and their representation in musical parameters.
•   Artist biography

Final Submission is April 1, 2017.
•   Please submit all documents 3 times. A submission by email is possible.
•   Address: 
c/o Markus Bongartz
Treskowstr. 47
13156 Berlin
Please direct inquiries by email to mb47(at)gmx.net
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