Studium: Graduate Studies in Music (University of Hong Kong)

Department of Music, University of Hong Kong:
“Graduate Studies in Music at HKU”

The Department of Music of the University of Hong Kong offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Musicology and Composition (

Financial assistance is available to students pursuing either degree in the form of studentships. These are set at HKD 191,000, that is about USD 24,000/year for holders of a Postgraduate Scholarship; HKD 210,000 or about USD 27,000/year for holders of a HKU University Postgraduate Fellowship (UPF); and HKD 240,000 or USD 30,760/year for holders of a Hong Kong PhD Fellowship. Awards are paid in monthly salaries and come with a conference and/or research travel allowance of HKD 10,000 or USD 1,280/year for a period of up to four years (

Musicology students may choose from historical, theoretical, or anthropological approaches to music research. A broad range of topics may be considered, including classical, traditional, or popular idioms of Asia, Europe, and North America. Research in the areas of film, multimedia, aesthetics, and ethnography is also encouraged. Distinguished postgraduate research include two award-winning theses on the appropriation of the qin repertory in Tokugawa Japan and the role of the body in Beethoven’s last piano sonatas, respectively, and pioneering research on ‘sonic extraterritoriality” in Wong Kar-wai’s cinema and musical practices of Filipino musicians in Hong Kong.

Composition students may compose for a variety of media, including voice, musical instruments of Western and Eastern origin, or electroacoustic instruments. Specialization in computer-assisted musical creativity, utilizing the resources offered by the electronic studio, as well as the exploration of various musical styles and idioms, including popular and commercial musics, are also possible. Innovative projects that combine composition with writing, technology, or other art forms are particularly encouraged in both musicology and composition.

Please contact Dr. Giorgio Biancorosso, Postgraduate Coordinator, (rogopag -at- if you have questions about the program at HKU.

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