News: Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies (NIMiMS)

NIMiMS – the Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies – was formed by musicians and musicologists attending an international symposium in January 2015. We are keen to bridge the bizarre institutional and epistemic gap between the NOTHING-BUT-THE-MUSIC and EVERYTHING-EXCEPT-THE-MUSIC poles of music studies (including *popular *music studies).

NIMiMS in no way replaces IASPM: it aims rather to complement the activities of the association by advocating the integration of music, as socially produced and used sonic materiality, into studies of music and –yes– of culture and society. This involves, from the music theory side, developing methods and concepts fit to deal with the diversity of musical styles and genres circulating worldwide in the age of smartphones and the internet. From the cultural studies it involves the inclusion of the meaningful sonic materiality (the music) without which music studies cannot logically exist.

If you’re in any way interested in NIMiMS, please visit There you can find out more about why NIMiMS exists, what its aims are, etc. On the same page, under “Membership” (, you can join the Network with just a few simple keystrokes and clicks.

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