CfP: Feeling Mobilities / Mobile Feelings (Lancaster)

Affect Theory Conference:
Stream #18: “Feeling Mobilities / Mobile Feelings”
October 14-17, 2015 – Millersville University’s Ware Center, Lancaster PA (USA)
Deadline: 18 May, 2015
Chair: Luis-Manuel Garcia ( & Dorina-Maria Buda (
Twitter: @affectWTF

Affect moves. It pushes through the present and extends in virtual trajectories. We are, move and tour in worlds suffused with affect. Whether as vector, flux, vibration, pulse, current, impact, or intensity, movement has always been central to the conceptualization of affect. But in what ways is im/mobility itself affective? Moreover, what can be gleaned from disciplines such as geography, sociology, tourism, mobility and cultural studies that may provide analytic traction or generate conceptually and empirically productive transformations in affect theory?

This stream provides a forum for a broad spectrum of scholars (geographers, ethnographers, cultural theorists, tourism researchers and practitioners, to name a few) to think mobility and affect together. This can attend to the cultural, environmental, economic, social, spatial and political aspects of feeling mobilities as they relate to conceptual and methodological issues. Mobilities addressed here can include a wide range of phenomena, such as travel, tourism, migration, trade, transport and diaspora. This stream is open to inventive, experimental, and sensitive methods that pick upon the affective resonances of beings and things that are im/mobile – perhaps even following the routes that affect itself makes in these endeavors. For example, contributions might examine the atmosphere of travel-related ‘non-places’ like airports and train stations; or the emotion-laden discourses of varying forms of tourism such as adventure, danger, and dark tourism; or the sense of local (non-)belonging among migrants; or the buzzing circuits of urban nightlife.

Furthermore, this stream invites contributions that bring as much complexity to the concept of ‘mobility’ as it does to ‘affect.’ Mobility can serve as a mode for both empowerment and destabilization, exploration and exploitation. There is a need to push beyond the globalization-era celebration of mobility as an unequivocal ‘good’ – especially in these liquid, neoliberal times, where incessant mobility has become a symptom of precarity rather than a means of emancipatory nomadism – and affect theory offers a nuanced vocabulary for describing these ambivalences. Fluxes and flows imply frictions and collisions, too, and so this stream aims to be attuned to the affective stakes of worlds on the move.

Two Ways To Submit To Be A Presenter At This Conference:

A) Call For Papers To Streams:

1) 250-word PAPER ABSTRACTS – oriented to the accepted stream proposals – can now be submitted.

All Papers Must Be Submitted Through The Conference Website at The final deadline for submissions is MONDAY, MAY 18. To aid with proper routing, Please Include The Stream # and/or Name Of The Stream in the subject-line of your emailed paper submission. The email attachment of your abstract should be in Word or pdf. Abstracts can be single-authored or co-authored.

B) Wreck The Format:

For those who pursue affect in ways that might be somewhat less formally academic and more aesthetic/performative/poetic/evocative, we welcome the submission of proposals for performances, art installations, musical pieces, film and video showings, and similarly provocative interventions. Please submit a detailed description of no more than 500 words regarding any such activity – including special requirements for space and some sense of the time-range – to by no later than MONDAY, MAY 18. Make sure to put the words “Wreck The Format” in your email subject-line if your proposal is intended for this type of presentation. Initial inquiries about the possible inclusion of such work at this conference is encouraged well before the May 18 deadline however.

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