Konferenz: The Music Encoding Conference 2015 (Florence)

„The Music Encoding Conference 2015“
18-21 May 2015 – Florence, Italy
Website: www.music-encoding.org/conference
Keynotes: Elena Pierazzo and Eleanor Selfridge-Field

The conference is an opportunity to discuss the new research paths that the encoding of symbolic
music data opens to traditional music studies (from editing to analysis), as well as computational musicology, music bibliography and librarianship. As the quest for a coherent and universal system for the digital representation of music notation has been pursued for decades, the recent accomplishments of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) have garnered a great deal of attention in a wide range of music scholarship and in the broader digital humanities. The conference aims to gather specialists in all the above areas, to discuss the current state of modelling, generation and use of music encoding, to exchange experiences, report on successful projects on major collections and composers, and to forge collaborations for future projects.

On Monday May 18th are scheduled pre-conference tutorials/workshop on MEI and its applications. The opening of the conference this year coincides with the „Day of Digital Humanities 2015“ (19 May). Two days full of papers and poster presentations will cover various theoretical and practical issues in research and publishing. The program is completed by an „Un-conference Day“ on Thursday, May 21: an opportunity for everyone interested in using and improving MEI – developers, librarians, musicologists, editors, publishers – to investigate the topics they’re most interested in. This year’s keynote speakers will be Elena Pierazzo and Eleanor Selfridge-Field.

Regular registration will close on 31 March 2015. Late registration fees will apply between 1 April and 30 April. Discounted fees are available for students. More details regarding program, venue, registration and accommodation are available on the conference website at www.music-encoding.org/conference Queries to: conference2015 -at- music-encoding.org

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