CfA: Žižek and Music (International Journal of Žižek Studies)

Special Issue of the International Journal of Žižek Studies (IJZS):
“Žižek and Music”
Deadline: June 1, 2015

The IJZS intends to release a special issue on the topic of Žižek and music, thus offering a first forum for all those who working in music-related fields who have adopted Žižek’s theories for reflecting about music. The goal is to approach the subject from a broad range of different perspectives, not only by covering the fields of classical, pop, jazz and experimental music, but also by bringing together philosophers, musicologists and scholars from the field of sound studies as well as composers, dramaturges and opera producers. This special issue is intended to stimulate a truly interdisciplinary and multi-faceted dialogue, offering a starting point for a fruitful discussion on music from a fresh perspective.

All submissions (including book reviews and review essays) should be prepared for blind review, therefore please attach an additional document with the following information:

  • Your name, email address, institutional affiliation and discipline of study/research.
  • The type of submission (article, book review, review essay).
  • Your submission’s title.
  • A short CV (max. 180 words).

Please be careful not to include this information in the body of your submission.

Submission format and style
Please send each document (submission + personal information) as a separate file and in both .pdf and .doc formats. As for the style, please consult the author guidelines of the IJZS under:

Deadline and contact
The special issue will be edited by Rex Butler (University of Queensland) and Mauro Fosco Bertola (Heidelberg University). The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2015. Intending authors are strongly encouraged to contact the editors before this date with a short outline of the proposed piece.

The e-mail address for your submissions, and for any questions or correspondence, is mauro.bertola -at-

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