CfP: The imaginary African: music, identity, and race (Cork)

Thirteenth Annual Plenary Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland:
“The imaginary African: music, identity, and race”
12-14 June 2015 – University College Cork
Deadline: 31 March 2015
Keynote: Nicholas Cook

In this conference, we come together to share our current research, our personal musicologies in progress. We also seek opportunities to reflect, in and around the programme, on the state of musicological enquiry more generally. Musicology is itself a work in progress, with recent discoveries heaped ever higher upon the ground bass of its enduring concerns, with the expanded timbres offered by new materials and approaches, and with the heady call-and-response of habitual practice vs. emergent subjectivities. In all this we’re meanwhile surrounded by others – inside and beyond the academy – who are every bit as actively taking up the challenge of explaining music as a vital facet of human experience. And as scholars we’re increasingly challenged to demonstrate how our work makes an impact in the wider world. So, we wish to discuss together how musicology leads to or springs from action that improves the human situation. What is our progress in that respect?

We invite participants to consider submitting proposals that touch upon the notion of musicology in progress, and to take this opportunity to reflect on where we are now and where our next steps might take us.

Proposals are now welcome for papers (20 minutes duration) and panels (60/ 90 minutes) addressing any area, field or theme of musicology – broadly defined (closing date: Tuesday 31 March 2015). See for further information. Registration is now open at

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