CfP: Cultural Intersections (Drexel University)

2015 ARP Conference – The 10th Art of Record Production Conference:
“Cultural Intersections”
November 6-8, 2015 – Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Deadline: March 29, 2015

Our conference committee is pleased to invite proposals for papers dealing with the following broad thematic areas:

A. Agency: Content Creators in Record Production

This stream aims to explore the creative agency within record production. Who or what is in charge (officially or tacitly)? Is sound recording inherently collaborative? What are the correlations or disunions associated with the creative process? Who are the future agents in record production? What agency does/will the consumer hold? What is DIY in sound production and how has it changed over time? How does DIY and technology intersect? How will iOS music makers alter the future of music production? How does media representation influence record production and vise versa?

B. Multi-Polarities: Contextualizing the Art of Record Production

How does the study of record production and recorded music sit in the wider context of academic study? This stream seeks contributions from scholars utilizing some broader perspective. How do researchers in music studies, ethnomusicology, performance studies, communication and media studies, cultural studies, historical musicology, the history of technology, ergonomics, acoustics and psychoacoustics, music theory, music cognition, music technology, and the philosophies of mediation and rationalization approach this subject? Can work from areas such as film studies, the digital humanities, literary theory, and the visual and plastic arts shed light on our subject area?

C. Education: Connecting Research to Practical Education

With music technology replacing musical instrument proficiency and the continued blurred lines between artist/producer/engineer, how do educators of record production tie the theoretical explorations of our research with the often sought practical skills knowledge of industry preparation? Are these two separate agendas? What would it mean to educate students through a socio-technical curriculum? What trusted methods of education should be continued/abandoned? Should music proficiency be a priority, or is that an old model? How do we educate the consumer?

D. Ten Years On: The Art of Record Production

This 10th Art of Record Production Conference allows for both the reflection of the discipline and the projection of the discipline’s future. This stream asks the simple questions, “What do we research, how do we research, and where will the study of record production be at the 15th Conference?” Additionally, what is the future of music production, consumption, fan engagement, music distribution, music careers, and recording studios, and what methodologies will we use to explore these questions? How does the history of record production bridge to the present and future?

In addition to the above themes and topics, we also welcome proposals for pr=
esentations and posters exploring aspects of music production, performances a=
nd practical demonstrations on other topics related to the Art of Record Pro=

Please include a note on methodology where appropriate, and an indication of the theme (A, B, C or D) your work is intending to address. In addition to this we would also like a short indication of your institutional affiliation.

Papers or demonstrations that require recording / studio / 5.1 playback facilities are also encouraged but selection will be subject to a feasibility study by the conference committee at Drexel University.

Proposals for individual papers and poster presentations should be in abstract form and not exceed 300 words.

We are using the web-based tool Easy Chair to organize the submissions to ARP 2015. Please create an account and upload your submission to Easy Chair. Follow this link:

You will be asked to choose which of these 4 tracks (themes) to submit your paper to:

Agency: Content Creators in Record Production
Multi-Polarities: Contextualizing the Art of Record Production
Education: Connecting Research to Practical Education
Ten Years On: The Art of Record Production

Any questions or correspondence can be directed to

Presenters at the conference must be members of the Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production. It costs £15 (about US$25, CAN$28, AU$28 or NOK155) for the annual subscription and you can join at: ASARP

The deadline for proposals is March 29, 2015, midnight GMT+6.

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