CfA: An overall sound process (Analitica)

Analitica: Online Journal of Music Studies:
“An overall sound process”: from the analysis of secondary parameters to the study of musical complexity
Deadline: 31 March 2015

A traditional divide that is worth challenging in current debates surrounding music analysis is the opposition between the so-called „secondary parameters“ of music as organized sound – including aspects such as dynamics and timbre, as well as compositional dimensions such as register, tempo, instrumentation, density, etc. – and the „structural“ parameters tied to pitch and duration. Music analysis, in fact, has not yet been able to provide convincing theoretical frameworks and reliable tools with which to address such secondary parameters, especially when dealing with objects and contexts for which the hierarchy between ?primary? and ?secondary? does not go uncontested. The growing interest for repertoires and genres outside the tradition of Western art music, as well as contributions from cognitive and perceptual studies, require a renewed assessment of the complexity of musical objects.

Following these preliminary considerations, the thematic section of Analitica 2015 (VIII volume) will be devoted to topics related to the discussion of the role and the function of „secondary parameters“ in specific objects, repertoires, contexts and aesthetic perspectives.

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