CfP: Listening Cinematically (University of London)

Royal Holloway, University of London:
“Listening Cinematically”
25-26 June 2015 – Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
Deadline: 9 January 2015

It has long been suggested that films have changed the way we listen, but cinema’s contribution to broader cultures of listening has only recently started to receive serious academic attention. This two-day conference aims to bring together scholars who are working on listener-centred accounts of the cinema and on the relationship between listening practices inside and outside the movie theatre. In particular, it welcomes papers (from musicology, film studies, media studies, cultural studies, sociology, philosophy and other cognate disciplines) that engage with the following broad themes:

  • The history of the cinema as a place for listening
  • The way specific filmic texts and film genres structure listening
  • Listening ‘cinematically’ outside the cinema

For the full CFP, see

300-word abstracts should be sent by Friday 9th January 2015 to Carlo.Cenciarelli at

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