News: The Avid Listener (W. W. Norton)

W. W. Norton:
„The Avid Listener“

We are very excited to announce the recent launch of The Avid Listener
(, a new interactive music history blog hosted by W.
W. Norton. We invite you to take a look at the essays and interviews already
available on the site. New posts appear every Monday, and updates are
available from Twitter, RSS 2.0, and Atom. (See the About page for more
subscription information.)

As you plan your music history courses for the spring, we invite you to talk
with the editors, Andrew Dell’Antonio and Felicia M. Miyakawa, about
adopting this site as a course resource. The Avid Listener features essays
about popular, world, and Western art music written in engaging, accessible
prose by rising scholars from all over the United States. This site gives
readers the skills to analyze and discuss some of their favorite tunes while
learning about practicing musicians, the industry, and new trends. With The
Avid Listener, readers will discover how to listen broadly and deeply, to
approach music with a curious spirit and a sense of adventure. And with
discussion questions appended to each essay, student readers can test their
own critical skills by engaging in thoughtful debate with listeners all over
the world.

Call for authors:

Would you like to write for The Avid Listener? We are looking for authors
comfortable with writing for a general audience. If you
would like to have your work considered for publication on this site, please
contact Andrew Dell’Antonio (adellant at or Felicia
Miyakawa (fmmiyakawa at

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