CfC: Síneris

Deadline: 21st of each month

We are glad to invite you to participate once again in the journal on Musicology Síneris (

Our key editorial policy tries to embrace both academic research and the scientific disclosure and the starting and pivotal point is music (classic, urban, popular, Ethnomusicology, cinema, dance, Billboard’s classics and a long etcetera). This should be treated from a transversal and creative perspective — encouraging interdisciplinarity and — why not — humour.

Síneris has a monthly periodicity and is articulated around different edges: research papers, essays, literary creation, opinion and protest, interviews and critiques — recent works, shows and books, but „oldies“ and forgotten classics are also welcome.

The objective of this brief introduction is to encourage you to participate with your writings and creations. Submissions of original articles and papers should be sent before the deadline: 21st of each month (to be published the following number) to

However, dates are not closed, and our mailboxes will be permanently open if you chose to send us part of your work. We also welcome articles in English and proposals on photography and illustration. We are also glad to say that RILM and EBSCO (soon) have included Síneris in their databases.

Hoping it interests you, we would like to send you our best regards

The team of Síneris

P.S.: If you are only interested in receiving our issues you can subscribe in: or follow us in our twitter and facebook accounts.

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