CfP: Disabling Music Pedagogy (Atlanta)

Society for Disability Studies
Panel „Disabling Music Pedagogy“
June 10-13 2015 — Atlanta, Georgia
Deadline: December 3, 2014

For this panel, we are interested in cross-disciplinary interpretations of how music pedagogy exists in relationship to the experience of disability and how that relationship might be transformed. Areas considered might include current pedagogical standards in music education, music therapy, or occupational therapy more broadly. We encourage papers that consider how mainstream standards and conceptions of musicianship impact the scholastic endeavors of disabled students, particularly in regard to pedagogical techniques that evolved in the 19th century. We are also interested in papers that consider how best to approach the subject of disability in a music history seminar, music theory class, or general humanities class. Finally, we invite papers that explore the issue of disclosure in the music classroom, and how the choice to disclose or not might impact the pedagogical approaches available for teaching and learning music. Possible topics might include but are not limited to:

  • How mainstream pedagogical approaches reflect broader definitions of what it means to be a musician or create beautiful music
  • How pedagogical approaches serve in maintaining or subverting ablebodied privilege
  • The impact of aesthetics on music education and assessment
  • How conceptions undergirding various pedagogical approaches might be observed in or related to music literature, such as opera, chamber music, or other genres.
  • How the use of music in therapeutic settings relate to the medical model of disability

More broadly, we are interested in exploring how pedagogy can be employed in ways that honor the scholastic autonomy of scholars with disabilities by expanding ways in which foundational musicianship is taught, learned, and conceived.

Abstracts should be approximately 300 words and should be submitted by December 3, 2014 and should be sent to all three of the following email addresses:

meghanschrader at
danagorzelany at
jessica.holmes at

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