Festival: Music Tech Fest Berlin (Berlin)

Music Tech Fest:
„Music Tech Fest Berlin“
24-26 October 2014 – Factory, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin

Music Tech Fest is the „festival of music ideas“. It brings the entire music technology ecosystem under one roof. It provides a creative platform for collaboration and co-creation by hackers, musicians, innovative startups, independent and major music labels and technology companies.

The weekend is packed with back to back performances, demonstrations, and presentations from artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics and ideas people. The festival is the place where we celebrate and invent the future of music.

After a series of successful events in New Zealand, Boston and London this year, Music Tech Fest is heading to Berlin. Since its launch, the event has been requested in multiple worldwide locations and has since expanded from Europe into a global music technology network with events currently running across several continents.

In addition to the main festival stage, the festival hosts a 24-hour „hack camp“ at which artists and technologists collaborate to invent new types of instruments, new ways of making music and new ways of experiencing music. The hack camp is a 24-hour collaborative laboratory in which the best technologists, programmers and DIY electronics enthusiasts from all ages and backgrounds team up with artists and innovators to respond to creative challenges.

Rather than focusing on screen-based software projects, Music Tech Fest challenges prioritise performance with physical objects in three-dimensional space: creative projects that combine the Internet of Things with performance and co-creation of music. In this way, innovative new projects emerge and unlikely collaborations are formed. The best of these are supported to go out into the world to become new art projects, research initiatives or commercial products.

For more information visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/music-tech-fest-berlin-tickets-13547730627 and www.musictechfest.org

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