Stipendien: Publication Awards (Society for Music Theory)

Society for Music Theory (SMT) Popular Music Interest Group (PMIG):
„PMIG Outstanding Publication Award“ & „Adam Krims Award“
Nomination deadline: October 3rd, 2014

  1. The PMIG Outstanding Publication Award exists to acknowledge the best article, essay, or book involving the theory and/or analysis of popular music. Any work published within two years of the application deadline is eligible, and publications can be nominated both by the authors themselves and by other scholars. Forthcoming works are not eligible.

  2. The PMIG also grants the Adam Krims Award for a similarly meritorious work by a junior scholar – one who has received their Ph.D. no more than seven calendar years ago (or, in the case of someone who does not hold a Ph.D., before the author reaches the age of forty). The criteria are the same listed above (within two years, self-nomination okay, no forthcoming works)

The prizes for both awards will be given at the Society for Music Theory conference each year during the PMIG business meeting. A three-person Award Committee consisting of a) the PMIG chair; b) the previous year’s winner of each award; and c) a volunteer scholar appointed by the PMIG chair (if necessary) will determine the awards. The 2014 committee consists of Brad Osborn, Robert Fink, and Lori Burns. Previous award recipients are ineligible to compete for the same award in subsequent years.

Applicants and those wishing to nominate publications should email electronic copies of the work to the PMIG chair, Brad Osborn . If electronic copies are not available, the committee requests hard copies for each member (contact the PMIG chair for mailing addresses). The nomination deadline for the 2014 award is October 3, 2014.

For more information on the PMIG, including the past recipients of these awards, please visit the web page at

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