CfA: „Queering the Field: Sounding Out Ethnomusicology“ (Barz & Cheng)

Gregory Barz and William Cheng (eds.):
„Queering the Field: Sounding Out Ethnomusicology“
Deadline: October 31, 2014

By turning a gaze on queer issues, this volume of essays intends to unmask traditionally unmarked categories (such as straight, white, able-bodied Euro-American) to reveal the privileges, positions, and potential heteronormative biases in the research agendas of ethnomusicology. As the first large-scale study of queer identity politics in ethnomusicology, Queering the Field contributes to a growing body of research that reflects on ethnomusicology’s disciplinary practices. The volume raises two significant issues: first, ethnomusicology’s normative approaches to musical ethnography (fieldwork, methodology, analysis, transcription); and second, the normative sexual identities, modes of identification, and structurations thereof. In focusing on such issues, we aim to move beyond earlier models whereby musicality is equated with difference and thus understood as queer (per Philip Brett’s invaluable claim in Queering the Pitch). Rather, in this volume, we propose to expand the critical, social, and behavioral rubrics of musicality to include categories of play, performance, masquerade, expression, subjectivity, interiority (and all the concepts, actions, and habits that inform the production, circulation, and study of music writ large). Concepts of normativity will also need to be understood in relation to institutionalization, discipline, canon, habitus, and more.

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We welcome proposals from interested scholars from all disciplines, and encourage contributors to play broadly with their own interpretations of music, sound, scholarship, ethnomusicology, fieldwork, the field, performance, identity, queerness, and other topics. Abstracts of 250-500 words (doc or pdf format) and/or informal questions should be sent directly to both editors by email before October 31, 2014. Please include a brief biography. We would also greatly appreciate being informed of any potential contributors to this volume.

Email addresses: <Gregory.Barz at> and <William.Cheng at>

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