CfP: Modern Heavy Metal (Helsinki)

„Modern Heavy Metal: Markets, Practices and Cultures“
June 8-12, 2015 – Helsinki
Deadline: 31. August, 2014

To build up the academic program of the conference, we invite paper (and session) proposals from different fields of academic study to this interdisciplinary event. We are particularly interested in contributions shedding light on the markets, practices and cultures, faced by the metal practitioners and fans in the current multifaceted and global expression of heavy metal and its countless forms and sub-genres. The event is open not only for academics focusing on metal studies (in business studies, cultural studies, social sciences, humanities, musicology, arts, and other fields) but also for scholars from the wide range of popular music and popular culture studies. We warmly welcome also views from “the outside” to discuss and compare metal with other genres and cultural forms and helps in positioning metal in the bigger picture of cultural production and consumption.

The suggested themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Metal music industry and markets; global and local views, formation and structure of markets, entertainment and cultural industries
  • Metal management; strategic thinking, branding, visual communication in metal, metal export/import, leadership and roles, creative management
  • Metal practices; music, production, technology, performance, delivery
  • Metal cultures; fandom and fan communities, local communities, transnational/global communities, tribalism metal and social media, mainstream and subcultures, metal generations, gender and metal, artistic identity
  • Form and philosophy of the metal genre
  • Sound and structure of metal music
  • Metal narratives, lyrics, and storytelling
  • Metal and belief systems, metal and religion
  • Politics, ethics and moral of metal
  • Artistic and aesthetic considerations; metal (in) art, metal representations, aesthetic experience, bodily experience
  • History, present and future of metal; transformations of the genre
  • Scope and methods of metal studies
  • Metal on the borderline; positions and connections of metal within the popular music and popular culture context
  • Various topics exploring the phenomena and representations of metal and related genres.

Alongside with more traditional research papers, novel and creative approaches to research are strongly encouraged. Theoretical reviews, practical case studies, conceptual studies, methodological papers, ethnographical reports, lyrical and visual analyses, qualitative and quantitative approaches, and various other forms and approaches are supported. With the long abstract and paper process, we hope that many new studies get ignited and completed for the conference.

Please note that the paper review process comprises two stages: abstract and full paper. Final acceptance is based on the full paper. Full papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings book (electronic and/or printed version) that will be launched prior to the conference.

Tentative Schedule:

Subject to changes

March 31 2014
Call for Papers out

August 31 2014
Deadline for abstracts (sent to

  • MSWord & PDF –documents
  • Max 300 words, 1 page, single-spaced, times new roman
  • Including: author name, affiliation, email, title, abstract body
  • Abstract body should describe the proposed contents of the paper: background, contribution, methods, tentative results (list of references not needed)
  • Submission may also be made in the form of a session proposal, including a title page with proposed session title & short rationale for the session + abstracts of all included papers (4-5 papers per session)

September 30 2014
Notification of acceptance & invitation to submit a full paper

  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the Local Organizing Committee; review will focus on the relevance of the theme to the conference and overall quality of the proposals.

December 31 2014
Deadline for full papers

  • Specific guidelines will be given along with the notification of acceptance
  • 3000-5000 words

February 15 2015
Notification of acceptance & comments for improving the paper

  • Papers will be subject to double blind review by an International Review Committee, review will focus on the relevance of the theme to the conference and academic quality of the papers.
  • Accepted / Conditionally accepted (revision required) / Rejected

March 31 2015
Deadline for final papers

  • Improved on the basis of reviewers’ comments
  • The full papers received by the deadline will be included in the Conference Proceedings book, available in the conference
  • Possibilities for a post-conference publication, with more advanced papers, may be discussed with selected authors during and after the event.

June 8-12 2015
The Conference

  • More detailed program and conference venue will be announced closer to date
  • Tentatively, the conference program will extend over three days: Tuesday 9/6, Wednesday 10/6 and Thursday 11/6
  • Additional sessions and/or various pre/post-conference program may be arranged on Monday 8/6 and Friday 12/6
  • The conference week may include a variety of side program in the evenings/weekends

For more information visit

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