CfC: Yuval Online Journal for Jewish Music Studies

Jewish Music Research Centre, Hebrew University:
Yuval Online Journal for Jewish Music Studies

Yuval Online Journal, the newly launched publication platform of the Jewish Music Research Centre at the Hebrew University, currently invites academic submissions for 2014-15 related to the field of Jewish music in its widest sense and from various perspectives, such as ethnomusicological, historical, cultural, anthropological, and sociological.

All articles are peer-reviewed. Manuscripts submitted to Yuval Online should be previously unpublished elsewhere. The main language of publication is English, however we accept manuscripts in Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic, provided that the author includes a substantial abstract in English. We strongly encourage submissions that take advantage of internet capabilities, especially using multimedia and hypertext (including references to the thesaurus of the JMRC’s Website). Book reviews, reports, dissertation abstracts, and other types of short contributions are also welcomed and will be added to the journal in separate sections.

For author’s guidelines please see:

For further information please contact Dr. Uri Ganani, executive editor of Yuval Online: uriganani[at]

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