Workshop: Philosophy and human-computer music (University of Sheffield)

Royal Musical Association (RMA), RMA Music Philosophy Study Group:
„Workshop on philosophy and human-computer music“
4th July 2014 – University of Sheffield, UK

The departments of Music and Philosophy, University of Sheffield, warmly invite you to participate in this one day RMA Music Philosophy Study Group workshop, to discuss philosophical questions raised by human+computer music.

On the musical side, fundamental issues raised by the production and reception of this music are often obscured in the literature by a focus on technical details of system construction or function. Meanwhile, philosophical work on music is typically focused on acoustic instrumental/vocal works, and arguably it has yet fully to engage with the challenges raised by current movements in human+computer music, especially where it does not conform to an established work-concept and/or pitch-based structures.

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Andy Hamilton, Philosophy, University of Durham
Prof. Peter Nelson, Music, University of Edinburgh

This is no charge for this event, thanks to generous funding from the University of Sheffield.

Enquiries to m.summers at

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