CfA: Language and Music (Savoirs en Prisme)

Savoirs en Prisme n°4:
“Language and Music”
Editors: Stéphan Etcharry & Machteld Meulleman
Deadline: 20th June 2014

The international journal Savoirs en Prisme (ISSN 2260-7838) has a pluri- and interdisciplinary approach, bringing together scholars from a variety of disciplines including musicology, literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, didactics, etc. Its n. 4 issue will deal with the theme “Language and Music”. It calls for an open perspective on different types of artistic creations covering not only belles-lettres but also slam, popular songs, etc. Finally, it seeks refreshing original approaches to these issues and innovative points of view.

Contributions related to any of the following three research axes will be privileged :
Axis 1: Language as music
a) Intrinsic musicality of a language or text (written in a particular language)
b) Sonority at the moment of acoustic materialization

Axis 2: Encounters between both media
a) Setting music on a text
b) Setting a text on music
c) Synergy between music and text in the work of a single artist

Axis 3: Transmissions
a) Mnemotechnics
b) Translations

However, proposals only indirectly related to these issues may also be submitted.

For further details, see the “Appel à contribution” (English and French versions) at:

Proposals for articles (limited to 15 lines) should indicate the axis (or axes) to which they are related and be accompanied by a short biographical note mentioning institutional affiliation and email address. They are to be sent to the following address before 20th June 2014: savoirsenprisme at

Accepted languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

Important information and dates for the full paper:

  • maximum length: 50.000 characters (notes and spaces included)
  • notification of the scientific committee: 10th July 2014
  • submission of full paper: 15th October 2014
  • notification of peer evaluation: December 2014
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