News: Release of the MeloSpySuite Software Toolkit

MeloSpySuite is a free, stand-alone software toolkit with various command-line tools for the analysis of monophonic melodies, particularly jazz improvisations. It includes feature extraction (melfeature), pattern mining (melpat) and data conversion (melconv) tools, along with a detailed documentation and a set of introductory tutorials.
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Included in the package is the Weimar Jazz Database (WJazzD), which currently comprises more than 100 jazz solos from various musicians and styles. The database is ready to use out-of-the-box with the software tools of the MeloSpySuite. The solos were transcribed in a MIDI-like format including pitch, onset, duration as well as annotated metrical information, chords, form, and phrasing. They are also accompanied by comprehensive meta-data and expert annotation for style, genre, tempo, rhythmic feel and more. The Weimar Jazz Database is still growing and regular updates will be made available to the public. Also included is a version of the Essen Folk Song Collection with about 8000 folk songs from Central, West and East Europe.

The release of the Jazzomat Web Application based on MeloSpySuite is scheduled for the end of 2014.

About the creators:

The Jazzomat Research Project is based at the Institute for Musicology Weimar-Jena at the Liszt School of Music Weimar and is dedicated to the analysis of jazz solo improvisations using statistical and computational methods. The project is funded by a three-year-grant from the German Research Foundation (October 2012 until September 2015), see for further information.

The international research workshop “The Jazzomat Project: Issues, applications and perspectives for computational methods in jazz research” (Weimar, 26./27. September 2014) will explore and discuss approaches to jazz improvisation, MeloSpySuite and other analysis toolkits. Participants will come from jazz research, cognitive musicology, and music information retrieval.

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