Publ.: Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies

Gerd Grupe (Hg):
“Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies”
Shaker Verlag: Aachen 2014
302 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-8440-2389-3

If ethnomusicology is primarily defined by its research methods rather than by focusing on certain conventional objects of study labeled as “traditional” musics, an ethnomusicologically informed investigation of popular musics might yield new insights into phenomena that have so far been approached mainly from other perspectives, such as music sociology or the study of popular culture in general. If the study of popular musics is viewed as legitimate and necessary for contemporary ethnomusicology does it present any specific challenges? Are there substantial differences between Western and non-Western popular musics that would affect research questions and/or methodology? After a general introduction by the editor, Gerd Grupe, these issues are addressed in ten contributions by Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann, Raymond Ammann, Klaus-Peter Brenner, Anja Brunner, Dietmar Elflein, Nils Grosch, Julio Mendívil, Andreas Meyer, Babak Nikzat and Malik Sharif. The respective authors draw on their extensive experience with various musical cultures of the world, from which they take their examples to illustrate and discuss more general theoretical questions.

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