CfP: Music in the Western Mediterranean (AVAMUS)

Intercultural Communication Networks / AVAMUS:
„Music in the Western Mediterranean“
23-25 July 2014 – Societat Coral El Micalet. C/ Guillem de Castro, 73, València (Spain)
Deadline: 28 April 2014

The Mediterranean lands occupy a fluid space. Coexistence is the only common feature that can be applied to this kaleidoscope of continents, languages, religions, ethnic groups, social and political structures, economic activities and artistic patterns of behaviour and ways of life. In this cohabitation—sometimes peaceful, often conflictive — we find a shared diversity: the Mediterranean lands form a cluster of cultures that have crossed, blended, and mutually influenced each other for millennia, without losing their individual identities.

Music participates in this kaleidoscopic world. This conference, which marks the 10th session of the Jornades de Musicologia organized by AVAMUS since 2005, aims to use music as the point of departure for a collective exploration of how the peoples inhabiting the Western Mediterranean have lived, how we continue to converse, and what we what we can do in the future to restore harmony to each of the lands and among the peoples bathing in our Sea.


All styles of music will be considered: there will be no restrictions in terms of, historical eras, genres and styles, or idioms. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcomed, particularly those that bring together music and any aspect of geography, linguistics, religion, anthropology, sociology, … and other arts. Also we try to analyse the morphological elements in the specific music languages used in the Mediterranean, the overwhelming presence of foreign music and the unexplained but suggestive absence of native music. Intercultural studies and multidisciplinary experience will be of great interest. We hope to meet each other empathetically, and learn to better know our musical selves in order to foster improvement and change through music.

Call for Papers

The organisers invite proposals for 20-minute papers, joint papers/complete panels (2h), and poster presentations on any topic relating to the study of the themes above.

Paper submission

Email to

  • Title of the paper/poster
  • Abstract (200-250 words) in the language used in the paper and English.
  • 3 to 5 keywords
  • Brief CV

Deadline and acceptance:

  • The deadline for all proposals is Monday 28 April 2014.
  • Notification of accepted papers will be published on webpage on May 15 2014. Also it will be communicated via email, which must confirm their participation within 10 days.


The conference languages will be Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian. However, presentations may be given in any of the languages in the Mediterranean area. In the case of languages other than those listed above, a written translation must be provided to attendees in Catalan, Spanish or English. Please check to the organizing committee (e-mail) if you have any special circumstances regarding your paper.

Papers publication

The conference paper could be published in the journal Quadrivium. The editorial board will be considered suitable to publish the papers. The journal languages are Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French. Any paper in another language accepted for the conference should be translated by author in to some of the journal languages.


Registration fee

  • AVAMUS members: free
  • Contributors: 40€
  • General admission: 50€

Payment method

Bank transfer: IBAN ES70 2100 4578 98 0200029972

Email ( must be submitted with a bank receipt where is indicated “Congrés AVAMUS // AVAMUS Conference”. In the email must be appear your name, type of registration. We will use the address to future communications.


Jordi Ballester, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Pablo Rodríguez, Universidad de La Rioja
Cristina Urcheguía, Universität Bern
Jordi Reig, Conservatori Superior de Música de València

Organizing commitee

Abel Puig Gisbert
Daniel Vidal Ribero
Faustí Giner Cervà
Ferran Escrivà Llorca
Juan José Giner Cervà
Nieves Maria Pelejero Martínez
Ramon Ahulló Hermano
Ramon Canut Rebull

Scientific commitee

Dra. Isabel Ferrer Senabre
Dr. Jordi Reig Bravo
Dr. Manuel Sancho García
Dr. Mario Masó Agut
Dr. Pasqual Hernández Farinós
Dr. Salvador Astruells Moreno

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