CfA: Transatlantic Perspectives (American Music)

Special issue of American Music:
“Transatlantic Perspectives”
Guest editor: Glenda Goodman (University of Southern California)
Deadline: August 1, 2014

Transatlantic influences have had an indelible impact on American musical life. Since the sixteenth century, migration and trade have brought musicians and repertory to the New World. The unprecedented mixture of cultures also sent musical reverberations back across the Atlantic. Whether in the form of musical genres and styles, ideas about music, or musicians and composers themselves, the last five hundred years have witnessed robust musical creation and exchange in the Atlantic world. Today, as music scholars grapple with the implications of transnationalism, a transatlantic perspective becomes vital for understanding how American musical life has long been shaped by –·and contributed to –·music from beyond American shores.

American Music solicits articles that orient American music in the Atlantic world for a special issue titled “Transatlantic Perspectives.” Hemispheric in geographic scope and capacious in time frame (roughly sixteenth-century to the present), this special issue responds to the recent surge of interest in transatlantic music studies and seeks submissions that engage critically with how transatlanticism has informed American music as it is broadly conceived. Possible topics include studies of music and migration, whether forced or voluntary; the influence of transatlantic trade on American musical tastes; micro-historical studies of music-makers whose transatlantic perambulations shaped their contributions to American musical life; studies of particular works or styles that have been strongly influenced by transatlantic currents; inquiry into musical scenes in various locales around the Atlantic basin, either examined cis-Atlantically or in comparison with another locale; oral traditions in the Atlantic world; music at sea.

Articles meeting the journal’s guidelines are to be submitted by August 1, 2014. Information on submission is available online: Please include a coversheet indicating that the submission is for the “Transatlantic Perspectives” special issue. All questions can be directed to Glenda Goodman via glendago at

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