CfP: “All Quiet? Film Music and the First World War” (HU Berlin)

IX. Symposion zur Filmmusikforschung:
“All Quiet? Film Music and the First World War”
25-27 July 2014 – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Deadline: 28 February, 2014

The 9th Symposium on film music studies will take place at the Berlin Humboldt University with a thematic focus on the First World War, which broke out in the late summer of 1914. Starting on June 6 2014, The German Historical Museum in Berlin will show an exhibition „1914–1918. The First World War“ accompanied by a retrospective of related films in the Zeughaus Cinema in July/August. The Kieler Gesellschaft für Filmmusikforschung offers a filmography on its home page. Dozens of movies based on First World War topics have been produced from the silent period (The Big Parade, 1925) to the present (War Horse, 2011). However, scholarly literature dealing with film music in this context hardly exists. What is the role of music in retrospective cinematic interpretations of the events? How do WW I movies use existing music, e.g. popular, operatic, and symphonic repertoires? How does music portrait nationalities, friends and foes? How does it represent victory and defeat, loyalty and treachery, martyrs and heroes, the meaning and the absurdity of war? How do composers cope with practical restrictions, e.g. censorship?

We invite papers on film music in the context of the events 1914–18, especially with regard to early aerial combat and the much neglected noneuropean theatres of war but also to propaganda, espionage, nationalism and WWI documentaries. As usual, we invite free papers as well. However, preference will be given to contributions focussing on the main subject of the meeting.

Deadline for abstracts (300 words max): 28 February, 2014

Conference languages: German and English

Conference fee: 25 Euros

Proposals (title, abstract with 300 words max) and information: Janina Müller janina_ml[at] or Tobias Plebuch tobias.plebuch[at] or filmmusik[at]

Conference web site:

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