CfA: „From Death to Democracy“ (IASPM@Journal)

„From Death to Democracy: Music and the Politics of Memory in a Transnational Perspective“
Special Issue Editors: Barbara Lebrun (IASPM-bfE, University of Manchester) & Catherine Strong (IASPM-ANZ, Monash University, Melbourne)
Abstractdeadline: 28 February 2014

IASPM@Journal is planning a special issue for publication in 2015, focusing on popular musicians hailing from countries with dictatorial or military regimes, whose deaths coincided with moments of dramatic political change and became instrumental in efforts of national reconstruction towards democracy. The visiting editorial team, Barbara Lebrun (University of Manchester, UK and Francophone branches) and Catherine Strong (Monash University, Australia, ANZ branch) are concerned with the historical and cultural processes by which the songs and media images of these artists have become, posthumously, sites of tension for the expression of a new national, sometimes diasporic, identity.

The ways in which death affects the production and reception of popular music have been much studied in recent years. However, publications in the field are mostly centred on Western music culture, bypassing the analysis of similar phenomena occurring outside Western Europe and the Anglophone world. This special issue will thus provide a non-Western perspective on these issues, with a real and renewed interest in the interaction between death and popular music, due to the historically pivotal times at which the deaths of popular singers and musicians took place, and to their nation-wide (and sometimes international) repercussions.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words in English or in the language of any local IASPM branch may be submitted to the special issue editors by 28 February 2014:

The submission deadline for articles is 30 May 2014.
Please register and submit online, ensuring you are a current member of IASPM.

IASPM@Journal is the journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, an organization established to promote inquiry, scholarship and analysis in the area of popular music. As part of an international network the journal aims to disseminate IASPM members’ research work that is local, transnational, global and/or international.

English is the official idiom but articles may also be submitted in the official language of any of its branches (adding an English abstract).

Depending on the language used, submissions are expected to be between 5000 to 8000 words in length, keeping the Word-document size to 2 MB.

Studies may use a range of research methodologies and critical approaches. Because our open access readership is diverse and interdisciplinary, we ask our contributors to present ideas in a way that a mix of sociologists, musicologists, music critics and practitioners can understand each other.

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Music files (mp3) and good resolution figure files (at least 300 dpi for images in gray scale images) may be included as Supplementary Files, provided sources are acknowledged and relevant copyright clearance has been secured.

Further information regarding submissions:

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