Neuigkeit: Hooked! (Utrecht University)

Our group at Utrecht University and University of Amsterdam are proud to announce the release of Hooked!, an app we made to gather music listening data for Music Information Retrieval and music cognition research.

Hooked! is a free ‚game-with-a-purpose‘ for iOS in which you are asked to recognize fragments from a set of around 2000 popular records. The faster you recognize the song, the more points you get.

Recognition times are stored and will be analysed as part of our research on long term memory salience in popular music. Those of you at the ISMIR conference have probably seen the poster.

You can play the game if you have a Spotify subscription. Get the app here:!/id656683131?mt=8

Many players will be needed to get all of our data annotated, so feel free to distribute!

Enjoy the listening!

Hooked! was developed by Dimitrios Bountouridis, Jan Van Balen, Frans Wiering and Remco Veltkamp at Utrecht University and Ashley Burgoyne and Henkjan Honing at the University of Amsterdam.

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