CfC: Music Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia

Music Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia

Music around the World: A Global Encyclopedia is a four-volume encyclopedia that examines music of the world from a geographic and cultural perspective. The project is geared toward high school and undergraduate students with limited backgrounds in music, thus entries should be written more for a general readership and avoid excessive music analysis. We seek specialists to write articles of various lengths (500 to 3000 words) on topics spanning music and cultures from throughout the globe. The encyclopedia is structured in four volumes:

Volume 1: The Americas
Volume 2: Europe
Volume 3: Africa and the Middle East
Volume 4: Asia and the Pacific.

Prospective contributors should send a brief C.V. and a list of research interests to the editors (Dr. Matthew Mihalka and Dr. Andrew Martin) at musicaroundtheworld2015 at We hope to hear from professors, independent scholars, and advanced graduate students. Contributors will be contacted regarding their choice of topic(s) with information about available articles, length, and honorarium.

We sincerely hope that you will contribute to this important project.

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