CfP: Sound and Affect: Voice, Music, World (Stony Brook University)

Stony Brook’s Department of Music and Department of Philosophy:
Sound and Affect: Voice, Music, World
April 18-19, 2014 – Stony Brook University
Deadline: December 15, 2013

Stony Brook University’s conference „Sound and Affect: Voice, Music, World“ seeks to investigate the varied intersections of sound and affect. This conference has been organized jointly by Stony Brook’s Department of Music and Department of Philosophy, with the assistance of the Music and Philosophy Study Group of the American Musicological Society, and in collaboration with the Music and Philosophy Study Group of the Royal Musical Association.

In the voice as it speaks, stutters, rustles, hesitates, chokes, sounds accented‚ or cries; in music, whether vocal, instrumental, or electronic; in our sonic environments, whether natural or manmade; and in the many modalities of listening that respond to our sonic worlds, the sounds we make and hear can seem to externalize, reflect, evoke, recall, or catalyze affective states. Moreover, the many linkages of sound and affect are far from stable or autonomous. Race, class, and gender, social, cultural, and political experience, and diverse forms of historical change can all condition the relays and relations of sound and affect. If we live in a „tower of sound“ to use an expression from Leonard Cohen, this tower is sometimes the scene of a battlement and sometimes a beacon, every bit as protean, contentious, and contradictory as the world in which it takes shape.

For the full CFP, please follow this link:

Please send an abstract of 500 words to the following email address: SoundandAffect at The final deadline for abstracts is December 15, 2013. In your email, please include a separate document stating your name, your institutional affiliation and position, and your paper’s audiovisual requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Decatur Smith: stephen.d.smith at

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