CfS: International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition (Leeds)

International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition (iFIMPaC)
13th – 14th March – Leeds College of Music
Deadline for submissions: October 8th

You are invited to submit compositions, illustrated lectures, presentations and papers (we particularly welcome ‘paper and piece’ and interactive workshop submissions). We strongly encourage submissions that have an interdisciplinary, and/or collaborative focus.

You can view the guidelines for submission here:


  • Innovative methods for the analysis of contemporary recorded music and/or acousmatic composition.
  • Creative processes of music production and ways to better understand what happens in the ‘studio’ through interdisciplinary approaches.
  • The ‘studio’ as a site of creative action (e.g. socio-architectural; studio as musical instrument; site of compositional process).
  • Reflections on and analyses of innovative approaches to teaching practice for studio production and studio-based composition.
  • Using virtual learning environments as a pedagogical aid for teaching.
  • Technology as mediator: identifying and exploring methods for studying the influence and effects technology has on contemporary music recordings, composition and/or performance practice.

In addition iFIMPaC invites composition submissions for concerts:

  • Club music (electronic music influenced by pop, IDM and electronica).
  • Multimedia pieces.
  • Solo instrument and fixed medium.*
  • Solo instrument and live electronics.*
  • Laptop improvisation/live coding.
  • Demonstrations of unique instrument interfaces.
  • Acousmatic music (stereo or multichannel) – maximum duration 13 minutes.

* We may be able to supply solo and ensemble performers in some instances, but you should consider acquiring your own performers, as the IFAI budget will be limited. Please see the web link for further information (information will be posted soon).

For more information visit

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