CfA: From Queer/Nature to Queer Ecologies (UnderCurrents)

UnderCurrents Volume 19:
„From Queer/Nature to Queer Ecologies“

In May 1994, UnderCurrents released what was very likely the first ever publication wholly devoted to the intersection of queerness and nature. In the editorial essay framing that issue, Shauna M. O’Donnell and the Editorial Collective of UnderCurrents wrote, „Difficult though it may be, trying to map out a space for Queer/Nature within a politics of the environment demands the charting of courses through a discursive terrain of perils and possibilities.“ That landmark issue explored topics as diverse as the intersection of geography and queer theory (Gordon Brent Ingram), sexual morphology and medicalization of the queer body (Morgan Holmes), ecologies of life and death (J. Michael Clark), and the nascent queer ecology (Catriona Sandilands). Two recent edited volumes represent the breadth of queer ecological scholarship. The first, Queering the Non/Human (Giffney and Hird) explores of the theoretical, ethical, and political possibilities of an encounter between queer theory and posthumanism. The second, Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire (Mortimer-Sandilands and Erickson) traces intersecting lines of queerness and nature, mapping a field with implications not only for environmental politics, but also for the theorization of the boundary between human and animal, considerations of nation, nature, and colonialism, and imaginations of the ecologization of desire, to name just a few. In addition to these two substantial volumes, recent articles by geographer Matthew Gandy and ecocritic Timothy Morton gesture toward the continued expansion and diversification of queer ecological thinking and research.

This issue of UnderCurrents celebrates the 20th anniversary of „Queer/Nature“ by inviting creative and scholarly contributions to the heterogenous field of Queer Ecologies. Submissions are made through the UnderCurrents website

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