Veranstaltung: Do Pixels Dance the Polka? (Berlin)

Do Pixels Dance the Polka? – Exploring Czech and Slovak Music Scenes Through Music Clips and Audiovisual Music
June 26th 2013, 7 p.m. – Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin, Wilhelmstraße 44 / access Mohrenstraße, 10117 Berlin
Admission: free

While Central and Eastern European artists of the 20th century pioneered many techniques for marrying sound and vision such as Laterna Magika or the ANS synthesizer, music videos from this region are strangely absent from the clip canon and rarely screened at international festivals. Easterndaze (, a platform for up-and-coming independent Eastern European arts and music scenes based in Prague and Budapest, aims to map this terra incognita. Lucia Udvardyová and Peter Gonda from Easterndaze are now invited to Berlin to present their project featuring recent music clips and audiovisual music from cities in the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Zlín, Ostrava, Ustí na Labem) and Slovakia (Bratislava, Košice) as well as from Easterndaze’s travels to other Central and East European countries.

Musical styles encompass hip hop to witchhouse, experimental electronics to modern interpretations of traditional sounds. The audiovisual approaches are equally diverse: surreal concept clips, absurd comedy sketches, found footage, trippy animation and live performances captured on cellphone. Udvardyova and Gonda complement the selection with their analysis and anecdotes from the music and arts scenes in which the clips were produced.

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