CfP: Music And Concentration Camps (Forum Voix Etouffées)

Forum Voix Etouffées
Music And Concentration Camps
November 7 and 8 2013 – Council of Europe, Strasbourg

The Strasbourg-based Forum Voix Etouffées organizes on November 7 and 8 2013 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg an international conference on the topic „Music And Concentration Camps“. This conference will be presided by Carole Reich and Philippe Olivier. Among renowned speakers to appear will be Francesco Letoro, Dr. Jacek Lachendro (Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum) and many others. Founded in 2003, the Forum Voix Etouffées aims at rediscovering the music of composers banned, murdered or forced into exile by the Nazism and the other totalitarian regimes of the XXth century.

The conference itself will open the Seventh Voix Etouffées Festival – Recovered Memory, to take place in Strasbourg and Paris between November 7 and 19 2013.

We would welcome papers on all aspects related to our topic of interest, and especially – but without restriction :

  1. Theresienstadt and its musical life;
  2. The function of the camp orchestras
  3. Music in the „Enemy aliens“ camps in France and in the UK
  4. Music And Goulag

All papers will be published. Languages: English and French.

For those interested in taking part, please send a resume and a summary of your project to the following email address: info at

Festival Voix Etouffées
Amaury du Closel / 125, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris 0033 6 28 51 57 74

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