CfP: Popular Music of Asia: Cultural Perspectives (Journal of Creative Communication)

Journal of Creative Communication
Special Issue on „Popular Music of Asia: Cultural Perspectives“
Deadline: 15th May, 2013.

The Journal of Creative Communication, a refereed journal from Sage Publications, New Delhi, and Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), proposes to bring out a Special Issue on „Popular Music of Asia: Cultural Perspectives“.

The domain of Musicology has been traditionally restricted to western classical music. Theorising on all other forms of music is, even today, seen as „ethno-musicology“. The emergence of Cultural Musicology serves better, the purpose of analysing music as creative expression across cultures and genres. It promotes interdisciplinarity, without lines or demarcations. Asia, despite its almost infinite variety in popular music, is bound by common strains of tonalities especially in the traditional music forms that also represent a physical worldview. Yet, changes in lifestyles have impacted soundscapes in ways similar to how changing architecture has impacted landscapes of Asia. In that, the arts like music and architecture have also changed. Mediated soundscapes reflect these changes and they cause the change too. Although traditional genres still occupy the popular spaces, their functions, contents, and contexts have changed. Creative behaviours of stake holders have also changed commensurately with respect to the temporality in technology, global economic hierarchies, and market dynamics and spaces thus lost or created.

As another dimension of these changes, distinctions between entertainment and aesthetics have blurred redefining aesthetics in terms of the fulfilment of needs rather than the setting of standards. The needs and meta-needs of people may be understood through the music they listen, but economics of media sometimes suppresses true variables and neither is feedback dependable nor the pulse of the audience truly gauged.

The umbrella of cultural musicology is vast enough to accommodate scientific as well as philosophic approaches that bring to us newer understandings of popular music. The forthcoming issue of JOCC invites cultural anthropologists and sociologists, music historians and systematic musicologists, theorists and empiricists, traditionalists and innovators, zoo-musicologists and music archaeologists, among others to discuss their cultural perspectives on any Asian form of popular music.

Research papers on the topic could relate to specific ideas given below but not restricted to:

  1. Soundscapes
  2. Meta-musicology, New Hybrid Spaces
  3. The Industrial Culture (including impact of Piracy, Muscle Power and Distribution, and Betting)
  4. Economics of Popular Music
  5. Popular Applications
  6. Inter-cultural Communication
  7. Change & Innovation
  8. Impact of and on Traditional Music
  9. Identity, Policy, and Politics
  10. History, Education, and Psychology

Details of the publication are on the Sage website:
Deadline for submission of Abstracts: 15th May, 2013.
Deadline for submission of Full Papers: 1st July, 2013.
Please submit an Abstract (200 words) and keywords (five) and profile of author/s (50 words) together with full papers (5000-7500 words, including references and tables).

Please send Abstracts and Full Papers to: Dr. Subroto Roy,
For any further queries, please write to:
Dr. Keval J. Kumar (
Adjunct Professor, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)
Dr. Subroto Roy (

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