Symposium: The Performing Body in the Hollywood Film Musical (Colgate University)

The Performing Body in the Hollywood Film Musical: An Interdisciplinary Symposium
April 4-6, 2013 – Colgate University
Registrationdeadline: March 28th.

Registration is now open for the symposium „The Performing Body in the Hollywood Film Musical,“ to be held from April 4-6, 2013 at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. Since its emergence in the 1920s, the film musical has woven together utopian visions and cultural realities, simultaneously creating, reflecting, and critiquing contemporary social, political, and economic conditions, often through the performing bodies of the film’s cast and crew. This symposium will consider the ways in which bodies perform in the film musical, and what such performances signify.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by:

  • Steven Cohan (Syracuse University), The Court Jester and the Manic Bodies of Danny Kaye
  • Caryl Flinn (University of Michigan), The Sound of Musicals and Masculinities
  • Adrienne McLean (University of Texas-Dallas), „We Got Away with Murder“: Censorship and the Dancing Body in the Classical Hollywood Musical

Registration and further details, including the full program, is available at:

The deadline for registration is March 28th.

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