CfA: Special Issue on Music Journalism (IASPM@Journal)

Special Issue on Music Journalism
Deadline: 25th of January, 2013

Music journalism forms part of ongoing debate amongst IASPM members, in terms of music criticism, industry interests and identity politics.

IASPM@Journal, the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, wishes to provide a platform for these debates with a special issue on popular music journalism for publication at the end of 2013, edited by Martin James (UK&I), Ed Montano (Aus&NZ) and Christoph Jacke (D-A-Ch).

Drawing on the extensive local and global expertise of our cross-cultural membership, we invite papers that can offer comparative insights into the relationship of music journalism to specific music genres, different media formats and critical approaches.

Topics related to popular music journalism can include, but are not restricted to:

  • Histories of popular music journalism
  • Event reporting
  • Music criticism and review techniques
  • Artist profiling
  • Music technologies
  • Canon and music genre
  • Gender representations
  • Issues of ethnicity, race, class
  • Sense of place: production of locality in a global context
  • Online and press music journalism
  • Music fanzines
  • Social networks
  • Photographic music journalism
  • Critical analysis of music journalism
  • Methodologies in researching music journalism

In order to submit to IASPM@journal you must be an IASPM member.

Deadline for 1-page abstracts: 25th of January – send to:

Deadline for article submissions: *5 April 2013*. Please register to the journal and submit online.

Studies may use a range of research methodologies and critical approaches. Because our open access readership is diverse and interdisciplinary, we ask our contributors to present ideas in such a way that a mix of sociologists, musicologists, music critics and practitioners can understand each other.

Depending on the language used, submissions are expected to be between 5000 to 8000 words in length, keeping the Word-document size to 2 MB.

For more information visit

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